Hire Purchase Haverfordwest

Getting the car of your dreams could not be any easier, with our Hire Purchase finance packages. At Smile Car Finance Haverfordwest, we present flexible and distinctive packages to our customers which make repayments on your vehicle low-priced and simple. But what precisely is Hire Purchase finance?

Hire Purchase finance is a popular approach to financing a motor, which includes securing your dream motor with an agreed-upon sum of deposit, and paying off the remaining balance of the total with equal monthly repayments for an agreed-upon stretch of time. You may also want to think about using a hire purchase finance calculator to ascertain how much you can afford before picking a car. The cost of these equal repayments is decided by how much the car is worth at the point of sale, how much deposit is put down to secure the car and the length of time in which you both agree upon, as to when the vehicle will be fully paid up. At the end of the finance contract, when you have made your final payment to the dealership, the car is yours to keep and you will be the owner.

The amazing thing about Hire Purchase finance is that you are able to agree on a deposit price with the dealer, and this decides the amount of money which will be paid back each month, making it a unique deal for your needs. For example, if you pay a large deposit, you will have smaller monthly repayments throughout the specified period of your contract and vice versa. Hire purchase for cars usually lasts around five years, although that specific length of time will be arranged with your dealer to suit both of your needs.