Car Credit Cardiff

As a car finance expert, Smile has had plenty of experience with complex credit situations. We are highly knowledgeable about the different types of finance contracts available and have become adept at matching the right type to each individual situation.

If you have a history of bad credit or you have been refused a loan, do not worry. This may not irrefutably restrict you from entering a finance agreement.

Car finance is never a guarantee; however, we have formed connections with lenders who specialise in helping those with a poor credit rating get approval. Whether you have good, bad, fair or no credit, we will never decline your claim without considering all of the available options. Regardless of your circumstances, we will ensure that you get the best finance deal possible.

Apply for finance with us now and we will do everything we can to make sure your claim goes through. If it is, then you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of amazing cars and get a great deal on your arrangement.

You can sign up online by simply following the guides on the Smile website. If you would like any more information, give Smile a and we will be pleased to talk through any queries that you may have.